Ассоциация выпускников предпринимателей

 Alumni Entrepreneurs Network of Kharkiv universities

 Alumni Entrepreneurs Network of Kharkiv universities is a local public organization, the purpose of which is to promote implementation of educational, scientific, social, economic and industrial projects

of strategic development of Kharkiv universities and creation of favourable conditions for educational, scientific, cultural and professional interaction of graduates, students and professors of Kharkiv universities.

       This Network acts as Tempus project “Alumni Entrepreneurs Network of Kharkiv Universities” (EANET), which was funded under the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) - 544521-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMHES. Website: www.tempuseanet.info

       The Network hosts events aimed at attracting alumni entrepreneurs to the International network that contributes to strengthening cooperation between students and representatives of small and medium business with the aim of creating international start-up projects.

Membership in the Network:

       Individual membership in the Association may be granted to natural persons who are citizens of Ukraine and have reached the age of 18, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who have graduated from Kharkiv higher educational establishment (including postgraduate and doctoral studies), and/or those who are taught (teach) at this establishment and/or have friendly feelings towards Kharkiv higher educational establishments, as well as those who share the objectives of the                      Network and keep the requirements of the Charter.

       Collective members of the Network may become public organizations that support the objectives of the Network and participate in its activities. Individual and collective members of the Network have equal rights and responsibilities.

       Honorary members may be well-known representatives of science, culture, education, or business, famous public and political figures, and persons who have accomplishments with the Network. The Network council has the right to invite honorary members to the Network.

       Membership in the Network is carried out on the basis of the submitted questionnaire and application to the Network by natural persons and minutes of meetings, applications and questionnaires of legal persons – public associations. The application can be filled in at the location of the Network or sent by mail (including e-mail). For consideration of membership in the Network, a written statement is only accepted. Admitted members (except honorary ones) pay entrance and membership fees, the amount and terms of which are stated in the Regulations on membership and entrance fees.